What We Offer

We aim at providing the finest tasting coffees to you. We aim in delivering quality with quantity. We pick the beans fresh from our coffee estate and prepare coffee instantly without letting the beans lose its freshness and the aroma. We do take care to deliver the best at all times. We have varieties of coffee like the espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe au lait. We work hard in maintaining the quality consistently by offering 100% quality. We do have caffeinated and decaffeinated drinks to cater your taste.

Our coffee is roasted. We pack it in small batches. This is to ensure that you receive the best coffee. The greatest enemies of coffee are the air, moisture, light and heat. We take care to store and pack our coffees in air tight packaging which will maintain the aroma and freshness of coffee. We do take pride in delivering coffee beans which remain fresh because of our excellent retail packaging team. We hand pick it from our coffee plants and bring it to you without any additives. Our coffee is priced as per our perceived customer value.

 With our brand you get a richer brand and unmatched experience with coffee as we use the world class technology in brewing coffee. We earnestly make sure that the coffee retains its nutritive value and its antioxidants. Our dedicated team from hand picking the beans till the preparation of ground coffee work earnestly so that every grain of coffee has the richness and aroma in it.

We assure you that if our coffee brand is picked up by you it will be your favourite and stimulate your senses every morning and kick start your day. A cup of coffee can rejuvenate your senses, be it in the morning, afternoon, or night. Our brand will make you feel energized after ant strenuous physical exercise at any part of the day.